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Just Listed Square property Cards
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Please note prices are most recent approximations and may vary +/- a few dollars. We will always confirm design and costs prior to payment and ordering.
There is no additional charge to have them delivered to your home.

Property Information

Please include the price. If no price we will not include the price.
Tell us as much as you want for your postcard. If it is already coming soon on MLS we can take that info and use it. Otherwise you need to provide a full description here.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This design requires one primary photo. This photo needs to be 300dpi and a minimum of 6 x 9 inches in order print clearly. Please upload the photo you would like us to you.
Please note that we will use the text in the MLS or you may wish to input special text here. You can also give us any special instructions you wish here.